bithostel offers: Free Remote Install

With the technological advances in the age of computing technology, it has become easier for many to work from home, or anywhere they choose to. Thanks to our remote software, accessing one's file and a device can be achieved without the need for a physical presence or being in a specific work location. We can install the antivirus SmadAV PRO into your computer, via remote support and make the activation with your license acquired. Our team are ready to help you. Just make your registration here on website, in the section Support, select your language, open a new ticket to schedule one session of remote support. The bithostel(CNPJ - 14.406.585/0001-59) offers digital services, in a shared environment, through the infrastructure of virtual servers in all continents, providing the required hardware and software to the needs and the various aspects that involve your services, not including the means and infrastructure resources necessary to access these services. All services are subject to the full compliance with the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, as well as to the Code Civil, and Marco Civil of the Internet. We offer free installation and registration of antivirus SmadAV PRO, for new licenses purchased; ;

If you have a new license, the remote install process is totally FREE !

Our Remote Support software is safe, simple and protects your privacy.